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First Name Basis Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

We all know that 2020 was a wake-up call for a lot of people. It was a time of reflection, a time of change (hopefully), and a time where schools all over seemed to prioritize inclusion by drafting diversity statements.

But here we are in 2022, and I find myself asking: Have the diversity statements made a difference?

It’s not enough for a school to just have a diversity statement up on its website — administrators, teachers, parents and students must be doing the work to make sure the values in that statement are actually reflected in how the school is run.

Dr. Renata Williams knows first hand what it’s like to help a school turn a diversity statement into a reality, and she came onto the podcast this week to help us learn how we can help our schools do the same.

Dr. Williams is an education administrator with over a decade of experience who is currently the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania — the first person to hold this position at the school. She’s worked with administrators at the school to design a comprehensive strategic diversity, equity and inclusion plan for everyone from faculty to students. 

In this episode, Dr. Williams helps us understand:

  • How we can help teachers feel supported as they integrate anti-racism curriculum into their teaching.
  • How to embrace and foster students’ budding activism.
  • How parents, teachers and administrators can work together to make diversity statements have real impact at a school.
  • The value outside experts can bring into helping a school prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion.


Invite Jasmine to speak at your school!

Are you a parent or teacher who wants to help your school turn good intentions into positive action by making anti-racist education a priority? First Name Basis is here to help!

Jasmine Bradshaw, the host and founder of the First Name Basis Podcast, is an anti-racist educator and former second-grade teacher who has a passion for helping schools make real change. Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker at your next PTA event, want to implement our Ally Elementary curriculum at your school, or need someone to consult with your school and provide teacher trainings, Jasmine is your go-to resource.

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