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First Name Basis Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

This episode answers the number one question I’ve been asked since starting First Name Basis: How do I know whether to say ”Black” or “African-American”? 

I went straight to the source and asked a number of my friends and family how they prefer to identify and why. Listen to hear from:

  • Mielle Harmon
  • Ken...

Apr 21, 2020

We had an amazing conversation on Instagram and I really didn’t want you to miss it! I shared a post about resisting the temptation to be seen as a savior and becoming a liberator instead. Then, one of the members of our First Name Basis fam asked what it looks like to be a liberator and we launched into an awesome...

Apr 16, 2020

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines: The Black community has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus.

Infection rates in Black counties are 3 times that of infection rates in majority white counties. The CDC reports 33% of deaths are coming from the Black community, even where they only make up 14% of the...