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First Name Basis Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Classrooms should be places of growth, discovery and change, and as parents and caregivers we need to support teachers in fostering a positive environment for students.

And Patrick Harris II is a teacher who knows first-hand how important that is.

Patrick is one of my teaching idols, and he recently released a book...

Jun 28, 2022

You probably learned in school all about the story of Francis Scott Key watching the “rockets red glare” and “bombs bursting in air” as a prisoner on a British warship and turning the experience into “The Star Spangled Banner.” But, in reality, there is a lot more to this story than you learned about in...

Jun 22, 2022

We’re packing our boxes and leaving the dry Arizona heat for the suburbs of Washington, D.C.!

This move has been in the works for two years now, and I can’t believe it’s finally happening! Carter and I have put a lot of thought into this move and where we want to raise our kiddos, and in this episode we’re...

Jun 16, 2022

As a Black bi-racial person, learning about slavery growing up was so hard for me for so many reasons — it was traumatizing and heartbreaking to think about the conditions my ancestors lived through, it felt like a burden to be the only Black person in my class and having everyone look to me, and there were so many...

Jun 12, 2022

I’ve always thought Mildred and Richard Loving’s last name was kismet.  

Mildred was a Black woman and Richard was a white man who loved each other, and just wanted to keep on loving each other. 


On June 12, 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving won their landmark civil rights case against the state of Virginia....