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First Name Basis Podcast

Jun 16, 2022

As a Black bi-racial person, learning about slavery growing up was so hard for me for so many reasons — it was traumatizing and heartbreaking to think about the conditions my ancestors lived through, it felt like a burden to be the only Black person in my class and having everyone look to me, and there were so many things that just didn’t make sense to me about it, but asking those questions was the last thing I wanted to do.


With Juneteenth coming up this weekend, I’ve been thinking about slavery and things I wish I would have known when I was a kid, and I realized that there are 3 specific things that I wish an adult would have told me — that none of them did because they probably didn’t know it themselves.


So in this episode, I want to help YOU learn those things so you can teach them to the kiddos in your life. Listen in to learn the 3 important truths your kids need to understand about slavery.


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