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First Name Basis Podcast

Apr 16, 2020

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines, the Black community has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus.

  • Infection rates in Black counties are 3 times that of infection rates in majority White counties.
  • The CDC reports 33% of deaths coming from the Black community, even where they only make up 14% of the population.

This has so many of us asking: Why? Government leaders and physicians have all taken a stab at explaining the reason, but none of them are painting a complete picture. In this episode I break down 5 of the main reasons (health care, housing, food security, jobs, and wealth) our Black brothers and sisters are suffering at rates higher than anyone else in the country so that you can understand what’s really going on here. 


Below are all of the articles, lectures, and podcasts I referenced in the episode:


Stop Blaming Black People for Dying of Coronavirus by Ibram X. Kendi


Bill Cassidy on His States Racial Disparities in Coronavirus Deaths 


Dr. Tom Shapiro Professor at Brandeis University-Our History Lives in Our Homes


An Infographic Explaining Food Deserts in America 


Black and Hispanic Workers Less Able to Work From Home


Dr. William Darity Jr. Professor at Duke-Wealth and Structural Racism


Codeswitch Podcast: Why the Coronavirus is Hitting Black Communities the Hardest


Song Credit: “Away” by Geographer and “Beach Disco” by Dougie Wood