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First Name Basis Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Racism is traumatizing no matter what, but when it manifests itself in your personal relationships, it is crushing.


Dr. Lucretia Berry, an anti-racist educator, author, scholar and mother to three little girls, joined me on the podcast earlier this week to discuss the need to talk to our kids about race before something bad happens, but we also found ourselves talking about how to redefine relationships after racism. It didn’t quite fit with the focus of my first episode with Dr. Berry, but the wisdom she imparted was too good not to share with you.


It’s a conversation I needed to hear, and I know it will help you as you navigate your relationships, boundaries and safety as well.


Diverse Book Challenge


National Reading Month is coming up in March, with National Read Across America Day traditionally celebrated on March 2.


For years, Read Across America Day has been celebrated on or near March 2, which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. The day has served not only as a time to encourage children to read, but as a day to honor and revere Dr. Seuss — which, because of his racist work and attitudes, is inappropriate.


The sentiment behind this celebration — fostering a love of reading in children and emphasizing resources available to help facilitate that — has always been and will always be important, but it is time to pivot in how we celebrate this holiday.


First Name Basis is here to help. We’ve compiled resources to help you and your kiddos celebrate reading with an emphasis on authors and books that encourage inclusivity and highlight diversity. 


Trust me, this is a resource you’re going to want!


Click here to get the resources sent straight to your inbox.


Bite-sized Black History 

Bite-sized Black History is a program that empowers you to teach the little ones you love about brilliant Black Americans who have been largely overlooked by our history books. We featured 12 different people in Season 1 of the program and are featuring 12 all new Black Americans in Season 2. Season 2 is live, invest today!

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Articles, Studies, & Podcasts Referenced in the Episode


Dr. Lucretia Berry on Instagram (@lucretiaberry


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Brownicity on Instagram (@brownicity)


“Hues of You: An Activity Book for Learning About the Skin You Are In,” by Dr. Lucretia Berry


Dr. Berry’s TedX talk (“Children will light up the world if we don’t keep them in the dark”)