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First Name Basis Podcast

Jun 12, 2022

I’ve always thought Mildred and Richard Loving’s last name was kismet.  

Mildred was a Black woman and Richard was a white man who loved each other, and just wanted to keep on loving each other. 

On June 12, 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving won their landmark civil rights case against the state of Virginia. Because of the Lovings, states were no longer permitted to create racist laws that would prevent heterosexual couples from marrying one another because of the color of their skin. Their story is beautiful, powerful and inspiring.

Every year on June 12, we celebrate the Lovings, their love, and the love of interracial couples everywhere. As the product of an interracial marriage who is in an interracial marriage myself, I will be forever grateful for the Lovings.

In this episode you will hear interracial couples from all across the country share the importance of Loving Day and what it means to them and their families. If you’re anything like me you’ll need a few tissues for this one. And a special thank you to those who sent their stories and shared their love with us. Happy Loving Day!


Juneteenth Jubilee

Juneteenth is coming up next month, and we have an exciting program to help you celebrate! Juneteenth Jubilee is our brand-new program that gives you everything you need to have a meaningful Juneteenth celebration dinner.

It includes a cookbook, a cooking show with my dad, a meal planner, reflection questions and more! Trust me, this is something your family is going to want — both for the yummy food and for the impactful conversations. 

The program is available now! So click here to invest in this resource to create a meaningful celebration for your family!

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