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First Name Basis Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

We’re wrapping up Season 8 with this episode, and it’s got me thinking all about our evolution over the years. From beginning as a tiny Instagram account to starting the podcast, from working with families to working with schools, First Name Basis has grown in ways that is a dream come true!

I consult with schools across the country to implement anti-racist education. But as some of you have said, you’re not sure what that would look like, so in this episode, I’m giving all the details of what it looks like for me to work with your school!

It’s one thing to know that anti-racism is important but it’s another thing altogether to get it started. So many schools have diversity statements for prioritizing anti-bias and anti-racist learning, and getting those good intentions to be practical action is what I’m here for!

In this episode, I talk all about: 

• Why it’s important to have anti-racism in schools

• What a partnership with me looks like

• How to get a partnership started  

• What you can do to get the ball rolling at your school


Invite Jasmine to work with your school!

Are you a parent or teacher who wants to help your school turn good intentions into positive action by making anti-racist education a priority? First Name Basis is here to help!

Jasmine Bradshaw, the host and founder of the First Name Basis Podcast, is an anti-racist educator and former second-grade teacher who has a passion for helping schools make real change. From providing professional development for teachers to curriculum consulting to implementing her unique anti-racist resources, Jasmine is your go-to anti-bias and anti-racist education resource.

Email or visit for more information!


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