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First Name Basis Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Have you ever heard a white person claim that they’ve experienced “reverse racism”? I sure have! Let’s break this down together because I’ve heard from many of you that you’re not sure how to respond when someone pulls the reverse racism card. 


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between bias, prejudice, and discrimination 
  • How to analyze a situation to determine whether or not it is racism
  • How to respond when someone says that racism goes both ways

Free Class! Ally ABCs: 3 Simple Ways to Embed Anti-Racism Into Your Family Culture


If you’re ready to reignite your fire for anti-racism or deepen your commitment to the movement this class is for you! During this free online class we will work together to create a plan that you can use to bring your kiddos along on this anti-racist journey. Click here to choose a time that fits best with your schedule and sign up today


Ally Elementary 

Parents have been asking for a practical, interactive way to implement the anti-racist strategies that I lay out in the First Name Basis Podcast. So this October we are launching “Ally Elementary: Anti-Racist Education For Families." 


During this five-week program parents will work together with their children to create a culture of anti-racism in their home, and I will be there to guide them every step of the way. We will use hands-on activities to teach our children about everything from the untold story of how race was created to how they can disrupt racism in their everyday lives. I am so excited to watch the families in our community make a meaningful transformation and improve their communities through anti-racist action.

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Stanford, Montgomery Bus Boycott

Song Credit: “Sleeper” by Steve Adams” and “Dive Down” by VYEN