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First Name Basis Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

The holiday season can be a beautiful time of celebration, but if we’re being honest, it can also be extremely stressful — especially when it comes to spending time with family members you disagree with.

I get asked all the time questions like “What should I do about family members who say things that uphold white supremacy?” or “What should I do when family members say racist things?”

My dear friend Jalynne Geddes gave me some advice about how to approach these situations that entirely changed my perspective, and I want to share that advice with you, too: If you can’t change their heart, your presence might change their behavior.

In this episode, I unpack that advice as well as discuss:

  • What you can do in these situations if you are BIPOC.
  • What you should do if you hold white privilege or have close proximity to white privilege.
  • Suggestions for keeping yourself safe and maintaining boundaries.

I hope this holiday season can be a joyful time for you and your family, as well as one where you can feel safe. Thanks for being part of the First Name Basis fam. We’re sending you our love.


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