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First Name Basis Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

ALLY ELEMENTARY IS HEEEEERE! Pop all of the confetti cannons in the world because I am so dang excited to share this transformational program with you and your family! In this episode you’ll hear the real reason I created Ally Elementary for all of us and a SNEAK PEAK of one of the lessons! Press play and celebrate with me! 

Ally Elementary 

Parents have been asking for a practical, interactive way to implement the anti-racist strategies that I lay out in the First Name Basis Podcast. So this October we are launching “Ally Elementary: Anti-Racist Education For Families." 


During this five-week program parents will work together with their children to create a culture of anti-racism in their home, and I will be there to guide them every step of the way. We will use hands-on activities to teach our children about everything from the untold story of how race was created to how they can disrupt racism in their everyday lives. I am so excited to watch the families in our community make a meaningful transformation and improve their communities through anti-racist action. Click here to invest in Ally Elementary for your family!

Free Class! Ally ABCs: 3 Simple Ways to Embed Anti-Racism Into Your Family Culture


If you’re ready to reignite your fire for anti-racism or deepen your commitment to the movement this class is for you! During this free online class we will work together to create a plan that you can use to bring your kiddos along on this anti-racist journey. Click here to choose a time that fits best with your schedule and sign up today

Song Credit: “Sleeper” by Steve Adams” and “Dive Down” by VYEN