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First Name Basis Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Classrooms should be places of growth, discovery and change, and as parents and caregivers we need to support teachers in fostering a positive environment for students.

And Patrick Harris II is a teacher who knows first-hand how important that is.

Patrick is one of my teaching idols, and he recently released a book about being a teacher titled “The First Five: A Love Letter to Teachers,” where he talks about what it looks like to try to make change from within and the importance of creating school communities where our kids feel safe, empowered, loved and encouraged to figure out who they are. Whether you’re a teacher, parent or caregiver, this book is one you’ll want to read.

Patrick is a Black queer writer, storyteller, and middle school humanities teacher. He has won multiple national teaching awards for his leadership and innovation in the classroom. Teaching and creating is only part of who Patrick is. He is a big brother, a cat dad, lover of all things horror, a WWE fanatic and is obsessed with scenic hikes.

In this episode, Patrick and I discuss:

  • Why teaching is political.
  • How we can reframe our focus away from what students want to do as a career and instead help them see who they want to be now.
  • Tips for finding a school that fits your family’s values.
  • What parents and caregivers can do to support teachers who are trying to make change at school.

Press play and I promise your appreciation for teachers and perspective on what a classroom should look like are going to change forever.

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Articles, Studies, & Podcasts Referenced in the Episode

Patrick’s book, “The First Five: A Love Letter to Teachers”

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@blackgirlthatreads on Instagram

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