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First Name Basis Podcast

Mar 17, 2022

Y'all, I am sooooo excited that I can finally share this with you! It's something that we've had in the works for a while now and something that I've been thinking about for even longer. Since the First Name Basis podcast launched in 2019, I have been amazed at the work you've done in your homes and classrooms. Now it's time to take the next step — to broaden the work we're doing at First Name Basis and take our values into our communities. If you aren't sure how to start, well, that's what Policy Parties are all about! 


At each party you'll get to hang out with experts from community-based organizations who will help us understand the issues and give us specific, actionable steps we can take to make our communities more compassionate, inclusive, and anti-racist. Included in this post are some answers to the questions I know you’ll be asking about our Policy Parties.


There are two ways to join us for the Policy Parties:

Join our Patreon community at to have access to this Policy Party and all of our future parties! 

Click here to join the First Name Basis Patreon Community


Or invest in a one-time Policy Party ticket to have access to the upcoming party!

Click here to purchase your ticket


I honestly cannot wait to move into this next phase of allyship with you! 

Our first Policy Party will be this Tuesday, March 22 at 6:30 pm MT. 

We'll be joined by the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project. The Florence Project helps immigrants and asylum-seekers understand their rights, obtain access to legal counsel, and receive fair and humane treatment. A representative from the organization will outline the policies affecting immigration today and help us move from laying blame to taking action. 


I can’t wait to see you there!


Song Credit: “Sleeper” by Steve Adams” and “Dive Down” by VYEN

Song Credit: “Snake on the Beach” by Nico Staf