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First Name Basis Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

Our country is in the midst of a social revolution. People everywhere are standing up and fighting for racial equity and part of the protesting has included taking down statues of people who have had a hand in the oppression of marginalized communities. In this episode we discuss the founding of our country, the violence that accompanied that founding, and why we have to take that violence seriously. Listen to hear a perspective you may not have considered about what these statues represent and how we can change them to better reflect our community as a whole. 


How Slavery Affected African-American Families 


Genetic Consequences of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Americas 


Slave Nation: How Slavery United the Colonies and Sparked the Ameican Revolution


How the Constitution was Indeed Pro-Slavery


GOP Senator Under Fire For Comment that Slavery was ‘Necessary Evil’


1619 Project


Whose Heritage? 153 Years of Confederate Iconography 


Princeton & Slavery: James Madison


The Founding Fathers and Slavery


Why Thomas Jefferson’s Anti-Slavery Passage was Removed from the Declaration of Independence 


George Washington, Slavery, ‘The Only Unavoidable Subject of Regret’ 


Advertisement for the Capture of Ona Judge


Song Credit: “Away” by Geographer and “Beach Disco” by Dougie Wood