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First Name Basis Podcast

Feb 20, 2020

Dr. Seuss books are some of the most popular books across the globe, but should it stay that way? In this episode we explore the fact that Dr. Seuss wrote more than just children’s books, he was the author of countless racist comics, ads, and political cartoons. So, as parents who value inclusion, what do we do? The Untold Story of Dr. Seuss details his writings outside of children’s books, the representation of People of Color in children’s books, and what we can do in our homes and classrooms to ensure that we are living up to our values. 


Study: The Cat is Out of the Bag: Orientalism, Anti-Blackness, and White Supremacy in Dr. Seuss’s Children’s Books


The Racist Side of Dr. Seuss You Didn’t Know About


Cat in the Hat Blackface Comparison Photo


Look at The Conscious Kid Story Highlight “Dr. Seuss” for examples of his cartoons, ads, and propaganda  


Song Credit: “Away” by Geographer and “Beach Disco” by Dougie Wood