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First Name Basis Podcast

Jan 16, 2020

If creating a society that is just and inclusive is our goal, we need to do more than post a quote and a photo on social media on Martin Luther King Day. In this episode we give you three concrete things you can do on Martin Luther King Day with your family that will truly honor his legacy. 

1-Give your children context about who we are celebrating and why 


The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President



My Brother Martin by Christine King Farris*


My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Martin Luther King III*


As Good As Anybody by Richard Michelson*


March: Graphic Novel Series by John Lewis*


First Name Basis Episodes to Help Guide Your Conversations:

Talking to Young Kids About Race


Talking to Older Children About Race


Talking to Your Children About Slavery 


2-Attend An Event

AZ-East Valley Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade and Festival


AZ-Phoenix Martin Luther King March & Festival 


UT-Service Opportunity Through the University of Utah (Register Here)


UT-Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum MLK Event


ID-Martin Luther King Living Legacy Celebration


3-Support Black-Owned Businesses

Buy From BIPOC


Song Credit: “Away” by Geographer and “Beach Disco” by Dougie Wood 


*Amazon Affiliate Link