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First Name Basis Podcast

Nov 9, 2021

Every mother experiences motherhood differently — no two journeys are the same. And there are some things that Black mothers experience that mothers who hold white privilege don’t fully understand.


We need to take the time to listen to the Black moms in our community to learn how we can use our power to change the systems that are oppressing them and their children.


I invited my friend Sheryl Ellsworth onto the podcast this week to share her experience as a Black mom raising two ADORABLE Black children. In this conversation, Sheryl shares three things she wishes white mothers knew about what it’s like to be a Black mom to Black children:


  1. Black mothers are raising children with rules from an unwritten rule book.
  2. There’s a constant battle for Black mothers between preparing their kids for the racist experiences they will encounter while also preserving their joy.
  3. White moms need to invest in and focus on anti-racist education.


Beyond Sheryl’s first-hand knowledge as a Black mother, she also has crucial insight gained as a former educator who now works as a project manager for a pipeline that is trying to increase BIPOC representation in her state (Utah) and is seeking to make it an inclusive place for BIPOC families to live, work and raise their kiddos.


I hope this episode gives you a chance to reflect on the privileges you hold and how you can use your privilege to dismantle racist systems.


Song Credit: “Sleeper” by Steve Adams” and “Dive Down” by VYEN