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First Name Basis Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

In this episode we get a brief overview of Deaf history and culture, including the history of American Sign Language.  Carter begins the episode discussing his background and how he came to know ASL, and he shares an embarrassing story about the time he asked a Deaf person if they could lipread.

Then we talk about the troublesome legacy of Alexander Graham Bell and his impact on Deaf education in America.  

Alexander Graham Bell's Legacy Through Deaf Eyes.

Next, we discuss the history of American Sign Language and Gallaudet University.  From there, we tell the story of the "Deaf President Now" or "DPN" movement.

Brief Summary of the DPN Protests.

Interviews with Dr. I. King Jordan, First Deaf President of Gallaudet University.

We close with some comments on the cochlear implant debate, respectful language, and ideas for how to get involved in the Deaf Community. 

Interested in learning American Sign Language or becoming an interpreter? Click Here or Here or Here (see #42).

Interested in attending Deaf Clubs or events in the Phoenix area? Click Here.